Backup Power Design & Install

What happens when the lights go out?

What do we do if the lights go out?”  Is your business able to withstand a significant power outage?  Are your critical loads protected from loss of utility power?  These questions are important ones that all businesses need to consider.  Whether you are a standalone ‘mom-and-pop” shop, a multi-million dollar company with critical operations or a medical facility that requires emergency, life critical power, Schooley Electric can provide what you need.  From Backup Generator solutions to UPS System designs, we are your one stop shop for protecting your critical loads from the utility power outage.

Our Engineering Firm prides itself on accurate Generator and UPS Sizing and power distribution configurations to meet all your needs.

Our Contracting Team provides A1 service in the field for troubleshooting, installation and reconfiguration to get protection to your critical processes.

Recent Backup Power Successes!

  1. Nursing Home added Diesel Generator to its facility in Cherry Hill to provide power to building during utility power outage
  2. Healthcare Administration Firm added backup power to its building to keep critical loads operational during power outages.
  3. Apartment Complex in Parsippany, NJ replaced an aging Generator with a new more capable unit.
  4. Assisted Living facility in Sicklerville, NJ added a backup power capability to its facility.