Parking Lot Lighting Installations / Service

With the latest technology at our fingertips, your parking lot will never look the same – and that’s a good thing.  Many retail and office buildings have older lighting solutions that make the property look tired and worn.  Updating the lighting is a great way to make the site safer and more inviting to your customers and employees.  LED Lighting retrofits are the most popular today.  Improving your “look” and saving you money – why not look into a parking lot lighting retrofit solution?  Schooley Electric is ready to offer solutions and take the project to completion.  Our fleet of trucks is capable of installation and servicing of Parking Lot Lighting.

Energy Efficient Lighting Replacements / Retrofits

Lighting retrofitting is a common activity these days and is a great way of improving lighting levels as well as saving money – when it’s DONE RIGHT!  Upgrading to the CORRECT lighting solution requires knowledge of what the lighting industry has to offer as well as an lighting layout to maximize your investment.  With rebates available, the construction costs can be minimized.  T12, T8, HPS, Metal Halide lighting is a thing of the past.  If these are the types of lights you currently have at your facility, contact us to schedule a site visit to your location to begin the lighting retrofit process.

Commercial Process Equipment Installations

What is more important than your company’s process equipment?  This is likely the reason you are in business as it is the method to get your product or service to market.  BEFORE new piece of equipment arrives at your site, make sure your electrical infrastructure is compatible and adequate to power the new production machine.  Our Engineers specialize in determining the requirements to support the addition or relocation of process equipment.  Our Contractors specialize in making sure your equipment is powered correctly and operating as expected.  Our construction team is also excellent at troubleshooting existing equipment that is not operating correctly.  Schooley Electric is a great asset to your manufacturing/production team – just ask our customers!

PV System / Solar Integration

Is your company looking to add Solar Power to its facility?  This activity is much more complicated than PV/Solar Companies will tell you.  Eventually the Solar Work needs to connect to your building’s existing electrical system and if this is not done properly, your business will suffer the consequences.  Utilize Schooley Electric for this critical integration of Solar with Existing Building Infrastructure.  You’ll be glad you did.

Power Distribution Projects

If you company is in need of adding power from your existing electrical distribution, call Schooley Electric FIRST.  The addition of distribution panels, motor control centers or load panels is one of our specialties.  Our Engineers will size and layout the best solution for your company’s needs.  Our Electricians will install the new power distribution equipment efficiently and to meet all governing codes/requirements.  Power Distribution Projects are just another example of Schooley Electric’s ability to provide 1-stop shopping for clients needing electrical solutions for their business.

Backup Power Design & Install

What happens when the lights go out?

What do we do if the lights go out?”  Is your business able to withstand a significant power outage?  Are your critical loads protected from loss of utility power?  These questions are important ones that all businesses need to consider.  Whether you are a standalone ‘mom-and-pop” shop, a multi-million dollar company with critical operations or a medical facility that requires emergency, life critical power, Schooley Electric can provide what you need.  From Backup Generator solutions to UPS System designs, we are your one stop shop for protecting your critical loads from the utility power outage.

Our Engineering Firm prides itself on accurate Generator and UPS Sizing and power distribution configurations to meet all your needs.

Our Contracting Team provides A1 service in the field for troubleshooting, installation and reconfiguration to get protection to your critical processes.

Recent Backup Power Successes!

  1. Nursing Home added Diesel Generator to its facility in Cherry Hill to provide power to building during utility power outage
  2. Healthcare Administration Firm added backup power to its building to keep critical loads operational during power outages.
  3. Apartment Complex in Parsippany, NJ replaced an aging Generator with a new more capable unit.
  4. Assisted Living facility in Sicklerville, NJ added a backup power capability to its facility.

Office Fit-Outs

Update your office to the 2000’s!

Many companies looking to update their office for better functionality or a facelift trust Schooley Electric to help.  Lighting upgrades to the latest technology not only improves the work environment but lowers your utility bill!  Energy efficient lighting provides improved functionality as well as improved environmental results.  Schooley Electric prides itself on giving clients many choices and alternatives so that the new office space becomes your dream office space where employees look forward to coming to work.

Lighting solutions include standard fluorescent lighting, indirect/direct lighting, LED lighting and task lighting.  Each provides a specific solution to a particular client need.  Cost effective and full functionality is the goal.

Providing power solutions for furniture systems, kitchenettes, break-rooms, coffee-rooms and lunchrooms is one of our specialties.  We can walk you through the requirements and meet all needs for your office equipment.

UPS/Server rooms are critical to your business and we clearly understand that – just ask our clients!  No one handles critical loads like Schooley Electric.
Recent Office Fit-Out Successes!

  1. Engineering Firm renovated an adjacent office area to meet its needs in Mt. Laurel, NJ
  2. Sales Firm relocated from Cherry Hill, NJ to Pennsauken, NJ and renovated the new office space to meet their needs.
  3. Customer Service Company updated its furniture systems in Maple Shade, NJ and upgraded its UPS System.
  4. Landlord in Bellmawr, NJ renovated an existing space with a new office layout with energy efficient lighting and extensive power upgrades to attract a new tenant.

Relocation of Business Operations

When you are relocating your business from one location to another and the task seems to be overwhelming, it is.  Let us help you to make sense of your electrical needs.  Proper planning begins with a clear understanding of what you have and what you need.  Schooley Electric prides itself on being your electrical consultant for this type of work.  We provide clear direction in getting your business relocated but also making it more efficient once it is in its new location.  There is no better time to IMPROVE your operations and electrical efficiency than when you relocate your business to another location.

Schedules and downtime are of critical importance during business relocation.  You need to maintain operations in your old facility at the same time you ramp up at your new location.  Without a trusted Electrical Engineer and Electrical Contractor, this task becomes even more difficult. Schooley Electric has provided both Engineering and Contracting services for this type of work since its inception.  Trust us to help you steer your company to its new location.  Want some testimonials, let us know.  Our clients will be the first to tell you nobody does this better than us!


Recent Business Relocation Successes!

  1. Commercial Manufacturer relocated from Moorestown, NJ to Cherry Hill, NJ
  2. Manufacturer relocated from Bellmawr, NJ to Swedesboro, NJ
  3. Assembly/Manufacturer relocated from Philadelphia to Logan Twp, NJ
  4. Commercial Printing Company relocated from Philadelphia to Moorestown, NJ
  5. Healthcare Office relocated from Collingwood, NJ to Cherry Hill, NJ
  6. Retail Store relocated to new location in Medford, NJ

Electrical Services

Need More Power?

Your business is growing and your existing building is not capable of providing the necessary electric to your new equipment?

Your company is putting on an addition to your existing facility and you need more electrical power?

You are consolidating your business operations into one facility and your existing electrical infrastructure isn’t large enough?

You are moving your operations to another facility and your new home doesn’t have compatible power for your equipment?

These are all GREAT reasons to contact Schooley Electric to determine if a new or updated electrical service to your building is necessary.  We can provide both engineering and contracting services to meet these needs.

Recently Schooley Electric has design and installed the following Electric Services:

  1. 4000-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Schooley Electric upgraded the electrical service at an existing facility that only had a 1200-amp service.  Our client is relocating their business from another site and the building did not have the necessary power to support the operations of the business.
  2. 1200-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Bellmawr, NJ.  A Landlord needed to upgrade the electrical service at one of his buildings to attract a new tenant.  With the help of Schooley Electric, the client secured that new tenant and another vacant building was occupied.
  3. 1600-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Cherry Hill, NJ.  A client consolidated two businesses at two locations in Pennsylvania to one location in New Jersey and needed to upgrade his existing 400-amp service to 1600-amps.
  4. 1600-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Pennsauken, NJ.  Another landlord needed to upgrade the electrical service at a location to keep a tenant from moving.  This project included providing temporary power to the facility until the local utility company could provide permanent power.

Custom Homes

Building your dream home and need an Electrical Contractor who has done it before and understands the latest electrical needs?  Our electricians who specialize in residential construction can help you to get everything you need in your new custom home.  Recent projects include the installation of backup power, elevator power, custom lighting solutions, custom kitchen needs and much, much more.