Generator Installations

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Sign Installation and Service

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Parking Lot Lighting Installations / Service

With the latest technology at our fingertips, your parking lot will never look the same – and that’s a good thing.  Many retail and office buildings have older lighting solutions that make the property look tired and worn.  Updating the lighting is a great way to make the site safer and more inviting to your customers and employees.  LED Lighting retrofits are the most popular today.  Improving your “look” and saving you money – why not look into a parking lot lighting retrofit solution?  Schooley Electric is ready to offer solutions and take the project to completion.  Our fleet of trucks is capable of installation and servicing of Parking Lot Lighting.

Energy Efficient Lighting Replacements / Retrofits

Lighting retrofitting is a common activity these days and is a great way of improving lighting levels as well as saving money – when it’s DONE RIGHT!  Upgrading to the CORRECT lighting solution requires knowledge of what the lighting industry has to offer as well as an lighting layout to maximize your investment.  With rebates available, the construction costs can be minimized.  T12, T8, HPS, Metal Halide lighting is a thing of the past.  If these are the types of lights you currently have at your facility, contact us to schedule a site visit to your location to begin the lighting retrofit process.

Commercial Process Equipment Installations

What is more important than your company’s process equipment?  This is likely the reason you are in business as it is the method to get your product or service to market.  BEFORE new piece of equipment arrives at your site, make sure your electrical infrastructure is compatible and adequate to power the new production machine.  Our Engineers specialize in determining the requirements to support the addition or relocation of process equipment.  Our Contractors specialize in making sure your equipment is powered correctly and operating as expected.  Our construction team is also excellent at troubleshooting existing equipment that is not operating correctly.  Schooley Electric is a great asset to your manufacturing/production team – just ask our customers!

PV System / Solar Integration

Is your company looking to add Solar Power to its facility?  This activity is much more complicated than PV/Solar Companies will tell you.  Eventually the Solar Work needs to connect to your building’s existing electrical system and if this is not done properly, your business will suffer the consequences.  Utilize Schooley Electric for this critical integration of Solar with Existing Building Infrastructure.  You’ll be glad you did.