Electrical Services

Need More Power?

Your business is growing and your existing building is not capable of providing the necessary electric to your new equipment?

Your company is putting on an addition to your existing facility and you need more electrical power?

You are consolidating your business operations into one facility and your existing electrical infrastructure isn’t large enough?

You are moving your operations to another facility and your new home doesn’t have compatible power for your equipment?

These are all GREAT reasons to contact Schooley Electric to determine if a new or updated electrical service to your building is necessary.  We can provide both engineering and contracting services to meet these needs.

Recently Schooley Electric has design and installed the following Electric Services:

  1. 4000-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Schooley Electric upgraded the electrical service at an existing facility that only had a 1200-amp service.  Our client is relocating their business from another site and the building did not have the necessary power to support the operations of the business.
  2. 1200-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Bellmawr, NJ.  A Landlord needed to upgrade the electrical service at one of his buildings to attract a new tenant.  With the help of Schooley Electric, the client secured that new tenant and another vacant building was occupied.
  3. 1600-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Cherry Hill, NJ.  A client consolidated two businesses at two locations in Pennsylvania to one location in New Jersey and needed to upgrade his existing 400-amp service to 1600-amps.
  4. 1600-amp 277/480v 3-phase Service in Pennsauken, NJ.  Another landlord needed to upgrade the electrical service at a location to keep a tenant from moving.  This project included providing temporary power to the facility until the local utility company could provide permanent power.